How to Digitally Sign a PDF document

1. Open the document using acrobat reader. This is a free program you can download.
2. Locate the purple icon on the right of the screen. Next to it is written “Fill and Sign”. You may need to scroll down if you cannot find it. Click on it.
3. Choose the blue icon that says “Fill and Sign”
4. Click on the area where you need to fill your name or the date in. Type in the needed information.
5. To sign: At the top of the document you will find an icon that looks like the tip of a pen and it has the word “sign” next to it. Click on this icon and click on “add signature”. Type in your name and surname (it may be auto-filled). You also have the option of drawing your signature or uploading a photo. All 3 of the above will suffice.
6. Click “apply” and click on the document where you need this to appear.

7. Save your document as per usual.