What to Expect


During the initial consultation, you will undergo a history examination first. After which the chiropractor will examine you.

Depending on your condition, the examination will consist of gait analysis, range of motion testing, orthopeadic tests, palpation, myofascial examination, neurologic tests and motion palpation. This is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. The chiropractor will then proceed with your treatment if indicated. A treatment plan will be discussed that will work for you. You will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise during the consultation.

Treatment consists of various different modalities. You may experience some discomfort during your treatment, but remember that it is all in order to provide you with relief in the end. Some conditions will flare-up before they get better.

Sometimes you may be sent for special tests such as x-rays or blood tests. You may also be referred to another specialty if the chiropractor decides that it is needed for your specific condition.

The initial consultation will usually last 45-60 minutes.

Follow-up consultations are more focused than the initial consultation. Some of the tests may be repeated and the treatment protocol will be repeated or changed as needed.

Follow-up consultations last 20-30 minutes.


This practice is contracted to all major medical aids and we will claim directly from them on your behalf. If you are unsure if your medical aid covers chiropractic treatment, please contact them.